Frequently asked question

  1. How can I contact Videocon customer Service? You can contact us on 0124- 33660000 or prefix the STD code of your state capital, then 33660000 or via email at
  2. What kind of repair does the Videocon warranty cover? The Videocon limited warranty provides, free of charge, repairs to your mobile phone for manufacturing defects only.
  3. What kind of damages is not covered under Videocon mobiles limited warranty? There are circumstances where your phone is not covered by the Videocon limited warranty.
  4. What is the warranty period of Videocon mobile phone? The warranty period is for 12 months effective from the date of purchase from a dealer.
  5. What is the warranty period for mobile phone accessories (Battery, Charger, Hands free etc.)? The warranty for Accessories is six months from the date of purchase.
  6. How will I avail the warranty services? Please bring your phone to the nearest Videocon Mobile Authorized Service Center (ASC) for inspection.
  7. Can I get my faulty accessories repaired at the Videocon Mobiles Authorized service centers(ASC’s) Videocon will replace a faulty Videocon original accessory, which is under warranty, with a new one. If you have purchased the accessory from a retail outlet, you should bring the faulty accessory together with your commercial invoice back to the outlet to get a new replacement.
  8. I lost my phone, how do I block the phone to prevent the unauthorized use? Videocon does not have a system to block the phone. However if you were to provide us the phone’s IMEI number, we can alert the Videocon Authorized Service Centers (ASC) about the lost phone. You are also advised to make a police report.
  9. My Videocon mobile phone has a virus. How do I remove it? You are advised to take the phone to the nearest Videocon Mobiles Authorized Service Centre (ASC).
  10. What is the importance of IMEI number, how can I check my Videocon phone IMEI? Mobile operators can also use the IMEI number to identify valid subscribers and the type of equipment used in the network. Mobile operator can also disable mobile phone remotely if phone is reported as stolen or lost (and if reporter asked them to disable this phones IMEI).
  11. On my Videocon mobile phone PIN/PUK number required appeared, how can I disable this option? Your phone is equipped with one or more codes to protect it against unauthorized use. The PIN and PUK codes actually protect the SIM card. In most cases, your operator or service provider is the best source of assistance with PIN and PUK codes. Please contact your operator or service provider for assistance with your PIN and/or PUK codes. If you have already contacted your service provider and the code provided did not work, you will have to obtain a new SIM card from your operator or service provider.
  12. I forgot the pattern lock of my Videocon mobile phone, how can I get back the same? You are advised to take the phone to the nearest Videocon Mobiles Authorized Service Centre (ASC).
  13. Is there any option to update latest software for my Videocon phone without visiting ASC? For few Videocon Smartphone’s “FOTA”(Firmware over the air) option is available. Company provide regular update via FOTA & sms.
  14. How can I sync my phone data to PC? To synchronize data from your phone with compatible PC software, use Videocon Phone PC Suite. Videocon PC Suite is free PC software that allows you to store, edit, and synchronize phone data with a Windows-based PC.
  15. From where I can get GPRS/WAP/MMS setting for Videocon phone? Please visit our nearest Videocon Mobiles Authorized Service Centre (ASC).
  16. What is GPS & AGPS, how we can use it. GPS is an navigation system, our Videocon Smartphone’s have inbuilt GPS hardware which can be directly connect with GPS satellites, 2nd option is Assisted-GPS(A-GPS) where service provider will provide the navigation services through internet with few charges.
  17. My Videocon mobile phone 2G/3G network is fluctuate, please help. Please visit our nearest Videocon Mobiles Authorized Service Centre (ASC).
  18. My Videocon smartphone has low battery backup issue, how can I improve it? Please visit our nearest Videocon Mobiles Authorized Service Centre (ASC).
  19. What is SAR value? How can I check SAR value of my Videocon mobile phone? SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed into a head while using a cellular phone. Press *#07# to know SAR value of your handset.
  20. Cannot hear ringtone? Ensure that the microphones or speaker on the device are not covered. Ensure the protective film that ships with the device has been removed. If you are using a case, cover or screen protector on the device, we recommend removing and trying without it.
  21. What is mobile tracker? With the help of Mobile tracker use you can locate your device if it is lost or stolen, when someone insert a new SIM card in your mobile, the mobile tracker feature automatically sends a message to preset recipients, so that you can initiate steps to recover it. In order to activate this function, you need to change the password of the function first. I our feature phone this facility is available in Menu? Settings?Security? Mobile Tracker
  22. What is E-waste & how harmful are these E-waste? E-waste are considered dangerous, as certain components of some electronic products contain materials that are hazardous , depending on their condition & density, if improperly disposed, they can leach lead & other harmful substances into soil & groundwater.
  23. What is Call Divert? This feature allows you to divert incoming calls from SIM1/SIM2 to voice mail or other phone number. You can activate/deactivate this function to all calls, voice calls, & check the query status for options. The sub-options available for forwarding unconditional, call forwarding on busy, call forwarding on no reply, divert if unreachable & cancel all diverts. This is network provider dependent service.