We are living in an era where a smartphone has become our constant companion to do our daily tasks like email, calls, payments, photos and entertainment. While the list of daily needs is endless and keeps evolving with new technology and models, one major concern remain the same- the safety of users. Consumers need solutions which can send or activate alerts during an emergency and can ensure their own safety along with their loved ones. Therefore, government’s provision of mandating a panic button in all mobile phones is a powerful step towards the vision of safe women and safer tomorrow.

 The new safety app ‘SOS-Be Safe’ by Videocon sends instant alerts to family or friends in case of any urgent situation. The emergency response app utilizes power button as the panic button to send an alert to the numbers added in the emergency list at the time of requirement. The app comes with highly responsive and ingenious features including Alert, Walk with ME, and Reach on Time. The users can trigger these features from their smartphone status bar and set security preferences like time, distance and contacts promptly. 

 By using ‘Walk with Me’ feature, user can send an emergency alert to their family or friends. For example, if they are going for a fixed distance of 10 km, they can set their preferred frequency of messages if they cross the preset distance. The contacts added as emergency numbers will receive alerts immediately. In ‘Reach on Time’ feature, the smartphone users can set a location such as home, office etc and set their normal travel timing. An Alert will be sent to their immediate contacts if they do not reach their selected destination within the fixed time. With ‘Alarm’ option, users can enable/disable the power button to alarm and can customize the message they want to send when notifying their emergency contacts. The app utilizes GPS facilities to provide a map view of nearby police stations and hospitals for any critical situation.

 ‘SOS-Be Safe’ comes pre-installed in all Videocon smartphones to ensure a simple and hassle free usage. Focusing on safety of the users, the new app empowers the users with features that effectively help them to act fast and smart in case of emergency. When smartphones are impacting our lives in many ways, the need for emergency response system cannot be neglected. You will never know when emergency will strike, so it is always important to be alert and make the best use of modern technology in your hand.